On-line archive

In On-line archive you can keep all electronically prepared documents – invoices, statements, agreements or documents containing other information. In the on-line archive every document can be viewed separately or you can get the list of documents with possibility to view any of found documents in it. It is possible to discuss with customer those documents, print or send to the customer via e-mail.

Electronic documents on-line archive has many advantages in comparison with traditional paper document archive or electronic data without image:

  • speed – documents in on-line archive are available before they will be received by Company’s recipients;
  • compliance – documents in on-line archive looks exactly the same as paper or electronic documents, which facilitates customer service work with Service recipients;
  • convenient search – documents in on-line archive can be searched by one or more parameters, found and viewed fast;
  • storage life – electronic documents in on-line archive can be stored for unlimited period of time;
  • Economy – by storage, search and use in everyday life on-line archive, Enterprise gets perfect possibility to save money on a space necessary for keeping paper documents, and also on salaries for archive employees, radically increasing effectiveness in the same time.